Top50 Solar team goes to Intersolar Europe!

Almost the entire Top50-Solar team, set off for Intersolar Munich, in June this year. This was my first visit and I have to say I was amazed by the vastness and size of it all. It is truly staggering the number of companies that attended this year. The only way through this was a battle plan in which we aimed to meet as many of you as possible in the three days of the conference.

One thing I discovered early, high heels is definitely not an option for Munich. My feet were killing me after the first day of walking the halls, and next day I opted for some comfortable flatties. Style giving way to comfort.

I was most impressed by the creative ingenuity that had gone into many of the stands. Mage Solar took the award for the largest stand drawing the biggest crowd, due possibly to the large bucking Torro and incredible prizes on offer every day. The Spanish and Portuguese stands offered the best tapas, cheese and wines, and we visited one stand with the world champion coffee maker! I was also personally impressed by ET Solar stand made of grass with comfy sofas and truly exceptional tea and cakes.

But of course we were there not for the culinary delights, but to meet you all. This is our chance to introduce ourselves and look at how we can help you with your global marketing. However I think my German colleagues had it easy, the International English version of Top50-Solar is a Directory of not just UK companies but all English speaking companies worldwide. Next year I am considering roller skates as a serious option especially if the Chinese stands multiply anymore! Anyone who didn't get to meet us at the event, or haven't heard from us since - apologies I am still working my way through the list - please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

And lastly thanks to Intersolar for a great show and an equally fab web site!

Top50-Solar Intenational English