The Top50-Team visit Intersolar Munich!

For the second year the Top50 team was again in full force at Intersolar Munich.  While numbers appeared less than last year, Intersolar still managed to fill its 15 vast halls with companies from all over the world. Many exhibitors remarked on the “quality” of the visitors suggesting even in this difficult time, the interest is still there.

One catchy slogan, “European modules at Chines prices” caught my eye at a stand beautifully decorated in natural wood and textures.  The company Innotech Solar (ITS), a Norweigian solar company focus on “optimizing various solar cells” and selling them on at cost-competitive “Chinese prices”. The stand was humming with visitors suggesting innovative ideas and creative thinking is still rewarded with interest.

Top50-Solar also pride ourselves on innovation and with the recent re-launch of PV-Log as a new site in our portal, we were excited to drive our vision to all the companies we saw. One of the aspects that makes PV-Log unique is its “social monitoring feature” using social friends groups allows plant owners of all sizes to compare yields accross regions and technologies to compare PV efficiencies. A nosy neighbour kind of scenario!  Complementing existing technology – data loggers and inverter proprietary software solutions, avoids the need for expensive hardware and provides the plant owner with a perfect solution for PV monitoring. We were pleased with the general feedback from companies we saw who understood our vision - to build a community of engaged solar users!

The show spread across three days. Much of the emphasis in the after parties was unsurprisingly around football and  Euro 2012. The Suntech party had one of the longest table football games I’ve ever seen, a large screen in the halls showed the German/Netherlands match on the first day and I managed to win a signed Hamburg football shirt courtesy of Hanwha Solar One.  On Friday as I wheeled my trolley into the Munich sunshine Martin turned to me  grinning “enjoy watching England lose”, later that night over a few beers I watched England victoriously defeat Sweden – football like solar is full of surprises!