New Solar-Friends feature on PV-Log!

As mentioned in our last blog post, PV-Log the latest addition in the portal, offers a unique Social monitoring feature. With this you can now easily create Solar-Friends groups and build up your network of Solar-Friends to easily compare PV installations. This will highlight any inefficiencies with your PV installation and enable you to maximise your yield.

Here are some of the great new features of solar-Friends:

  • Publish your Solar-Friends groups: Using the new green icon share and recommend interesting Solar-Friends groups to others. For installers this is a very interesting feature, because you can now showcase your installations by creating reference groups for your own installations. Pass this link directly to potential customers or publish it on your own website.
  • Suggestions for new Solar-Friends: Our system will now suggest installations that could “fit” your Solar-Friends. This is very useful  for learning about new installations in your region or neighbourhood.
  • New attractive layout for Solar-Friends: Enabling you to rapidly switch between daily, monthly and yearly views.

To start taking advantage of the benefits of solar-Friends you do not have to own an installation. So before you purchase, get an impression of the different technologies and options out there and start communicating with other PV operators for useful tips. And remember there are no charges to register no matter what size your installation.

So what are you waiting for? Register for free today  and get started in less than a minute!