PV-Log the first Solar Networking site for Photovoltaics - press release

PV-Log press release August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012 Top50-Solar, a leading renewable energy portal with its global directory is pleased to announce the relaunch of PV-Log, the first Solar Networking site for Photovoltaics!

Initially created to provide a yield comparison for plant owners, PV-Log works across all technologies and provides a unique networking platform for PV owners. The relaunch of PV-Log includes a new social monitoring feature “Solar-Friends” allowing users to find other operators from the same locale or using the same technology to compare their PV performance and exchange information.

What makes PV-Log different from other data loggers is that it is independent of the technology and therefore not restricted. The development team claim that PV-Log will interface with all technologies, and if it isn’t there they will build it.They are not trying to compete with what is already out there, rather they provide something uniquely different, focusing on the social networking opportunities and information exchange as the core ideal for PV-Log. This is why SMA, SolarLog, Meteocontrol and a whole host of other data loggers have been quick to embrace PV-Log.

Features of the website includes detailed searches of plants by location, manufacturer, orientation, inclination and more. A series of maps can be drilled down to county or district level for quick comparisons. It is also free to operators of all sizes, currently with around 1,000 units listed. And as it is software based there is no expensive hardware to purchase. Interfaces allow automatic data import from most solar loggers. Interactive graphics show real-time yield maps with detailed views and it is compatible with mobiles providing continuous access.

Who benefits?
There are four main types of users who can benefit from PV-Log: PV operators, potential buyers, installers and manufacturers or distributors:

PV operators
Operators need to know their system is working properly and providing maximum yield. The simplest way is to compare with similar systems that are using the same technical components or with similar sun radiation conditions. PV-Log allows users to make contact with other operators and exchange information, to share the fun and challenges that follow any installation.

New buyers
Potential buyers need information from which they can calculate potential income and determine whether forecasts they have been given are realistic. PV-Log enables buyers to research
technology, ask questions to owners to check their actual experiences before they buy.

Installers can use PV-Log to showcase their installations using reference groups which may be published on their own website or sent in emails to potential customers. The customer can also see real-time data which strengthens the marketing campaign for the installer.

Manufacturers/ Distributors
Invaluable to manufacturers are sastisfied customers who recommend their products out of real conviction. PV-Log offers manufacturers the opportunity to make contact with dedicated users of their products and provide them with important information.

The key objective of the development team behind PV-Log is to build and engage a community of PV plant owners, to provide a unique network for support, conversation and encouragement for new users to join the worlds energy revolution. Its future success will be measured by its community.

PV-Log is a vibrant, fast-growing, international project with to date already over a 1000 registered installations. PV-Log is the latest project of Top50-Solar.

For more information write to info-en@top50-solar.de