Widgets, tools and programs for PV-Log

Thanks to our new PV-Log API anyone can now program tools to integrate PV-Log data into other applications or to upload data to PV-Log.

We will be reporting further updates in our blog and an overview can be found here: PV-Log Apps, programs, tools, widgets & more

Some great examples include these awesome new signature  widgets, or widgets to generate banners (shown here in reduced format):

PV-Log signature / widget


PV-Log Banner and signature (several sizes)


These signatures and banners can be used for all your online presence such as emails, forums, websites, etc.. These help you to always present an automated, clear and brief update on the current production of your own PV system. In our knowledge base you will find a help article about these widgets.

There are just some examples - there are countless possible applications for the PV-Log API.

As a developer If you are interested in obtaining access to the new PV-Log API, then please contact us and we'll give you further detailed information.